Connecting With Nature – St Nicholas College Senior School Dingli … Still in Progress


Dingli Secondary School
Still in Progress

Connecting With Nature

Inspired By Nature

Students were given the opportunity to write Nature chance poems. How?  Very simple! Very easy to do and extremely creative 🙂

Students were given strips of paper and together they went outside within the school premises so that they had the chance to get their inspiration from nature and above all write down anything that comes to mind. Once back to class, students had to put the strips together to form a “chance” poem.

Observing and Discussing

Another ‘colourful’ exercise was that of Writing a debate:

The wild flowering plants incident

The students were given the following scenario: Some people consider wild flowering plants as weeds. Others believe that these plants are not only beautiful but very beneficial. Discuss.

Once the scenario was understood, all students were accompanied out of class within the school premises, to write down their observations and to take photos. After this exercise, the students were then given ample time to set up the notice board. They finished their task by producing an argumentative writing task.

Another class was given the same scenario, however, they were asked to write an email to the mayor of the local council complaining about the fact that all the wild flowering plants in the soft areas around the school were cut down.  Together with the complaint, however, students had to explain the benefits of wild flowering plants.#

Plan – Garden