Dinja Waħda


The team this year is made up of the following students.
Nathalie Gauci (9.1), Jade Muscat (9.1) and Matthew Attard (10.2).

This team is meeting twice a week with their teacher Ms K.Galea during their break times. They are surveying the soft areas around the school to create habitats for wildlife. They are also involved in the upkeep of pollinator friendly planters around the school grounds. At the moment they are creating signs to place in the planters to show the different stages of growth (seedlings, flowering and seed dispersal). They are also running an Nature Art Competition for students to submit their designs which will eventually be painted onto the planters in the school.


Dinja Waħda

Our school has been participating in Dinja Wahda for the past four scholastic years. Dinja Waħda is an environmental education programme started by BirdLife Malta in 1994 and run in collaboration with the Education Directorate. The aim of “Dinja Wahda” is to connect students with nature hoping to trigger changes in their behaviour that will help them treat our planet with respect. This connection can only be gained if the students understand how they are part of nature and then they will be able to look after nature and, as a result, look after themselves.

The Dinja Waħda Secondary programme has three sections that a school may participate in through curricular subjects. Our school has participated in all of these sections and has been awarded for its efforts and participation.

A) Action for Biodiversity

B) Connecting with nature

C) Outreach for Awareness


During this scholastic year we decided to focused mainly on Action for Biodiversity.

Pollinator friendly planters

We decided to sow and plant pollinator friendly plants. These plants provide food for pollinating insects such as bees.

Native Plants

Most of the plants we are growing in the planters in our school ground are also native plants which are typically found in a Mediterranean natural habitat. A lot of people tend to refer to these wild plants as “weeds” but this is far from true. They are beautiful and beneficial in many ways. Moreover, these plants are used to our kind of habitat and weather so are easier to propagate, grow and sustain.

Designing a Dinja Wahda Corner

Our Dinja Wahda Rangers set out to create “a green corner” in the school ground. The area was identified, ideas discussed, measurements taken and  designs carried out by our own personal Dinja Wahda  artist, Eric Borg (10.5).

Nature Photography

There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of our natural habitats than through the eyes of a photographer. Our Dinja Wahda Rangers went out and about with their cameras to capture the beauty that our natural surroundings are ready to offer. Here are some of their photos!

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