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Hi all,
This is a list of  questions which parents have been asking frequently as we are preparing for a new scholastic year. Please note that the following list can and will be updated as soon as we get more information.

When will school start?

Year 9 (form 3)students will start on Wednesday 7th October at 7:45 AM.

Year 10 (form 4)students will start on Tuesday 13th October at 7:45 AM.

Year 11 (form 5) students will start on Thursday 8th October at 7:45 AM.

What are the opening and closing times?

Start 7:45 End 14:06

How is Transport going to work?

Same as last year.

Pick up points and routes were sent with a personalized e-mail to the student’s parents. If you have not received it call us to confirm.

Will the school use colour coding of masks?

No particular colours are requested as long as they are clean and safe.

What about the new uniform?

The uniform for Year 9 students is the new Track suit with T-shirts (short and long sleeves) and the winter jacket.

What colour should my shoes be?

Shoes can be white or black/dark grey (no highlighter colours, preferably plain design)

Where can I buy my uniform?

The uniform will be on stock at Yorkie and they can also be ordered online. There will be a delay on stock arrivals, schools are aware of that.

What if I won’t be able to buy my uniform in time?

If uniform is not delivered on time, please present your order form at the school door.

Preferably students should attend with their old school tracksuit till they get the new one.

Will vulnerable students be provided with alternate schooling?

We are still awaiting directions regarding vulnerable students and alternative schooling.

When will school text books be returned?

School books must not be returned on the first day students attend school. School administration will inform students when to return school books.