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French Language Activity to celebrate the European Day of Languages 2022.

On the 24th of October, Yanica Mallia (11.8) and Matthea Muscat (11.8) took part in a competition organised by the National Literacy Agency to celebrate the European Day of Languages 2022. This event forms part of the Council of Europe’s drive to foster linguistic diversity.

Yanica and Matthea cooked the popular ‘Vol au vent’ dish whilst explaining this popular recipe in French. This activity was video-recorded at the school’s Hospitality lab and proved to be a good opportunity for Hospitality students – Martina Muscat (11.8), Shana Galea (11.8) – and Media Literacy students – Jaden Aquilina (11.9), Luca Muscat (11.9) and Kieren Mizzi (11.8) – to put their knowledge and skills into practice. This event was made possible thanks to Mr C. Bondin (Hod, French), Media Literacy teacher Mr F. Ellul and Ms C. Mifsud (Hod, Hospitality).