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Parents’ Day (Online)

Parents Days will be held online on Friday 5th February and Monday 8th February

Teachers will be available online for the 10 minute sessions that are booked.

Please find below the link to book sessions with the teacher/s you wish to speak to.


  • Sessions are 10 minutes long and you are requested to be punctual.
  • Sessions missed cannot be held in another slot.
  • Please note that there is one short break (10:00-10:20).
  • Sudents will not attend school on these 2 days.

How to Book (Step by Step)

How to book:

1: Access the provided link

2: Select Service (Subject) For example; English

3: Scroll down & Select Teacher’s Name

4: Select Preferred day (5 February or 8 Monday) & Available Time Slot

5: Scroll down and add your details  (make sure you input your email address correctly)

6: Select Book to finalize your booking.

Important Points / FAQs

1.How do I know that my booking has been effected successfully?

Make sure you have inputted your email address correctly otherwise you will not receive a confirmation email with the meeting’s link.

2. I used a Gmail account to effect my booking, will it still work?

If you used an email account from outside the school organization such as Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc…Make sure you received the confirmation email with the meeting link, even though you’re not booking with an ilearn account you’ll still be able to access the meeting on Teams as long as you have the link.

3. I booked using my son/daughter ilearn account how can I check if the booking was successful?

If you booked using an ilearn account the meeting should also appear on your teams’ calendar (this also applies to parents who have an ilearn account)

For any enquiries or uncertainties call us on : 25988350/8

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