Remembering the Toolkit meeting

During this last scholastic year our school was chosen to host a day seminar as part of the Effective Management of Education Systems Toolkit meeting that was held in Malta between the 18th and the 19th of November 2019.  For this event to materialize, preparations began days ahead.  The attendees were Dr Tamika Benjamin from Jamaica, Ms Patricia McPherson from Guyana, Mr Darius Ogutu from Kenya and Dr Faye Taylor, Mr Nasir Kazmi and Mr Hugh Oberlander all from the UK.  The Maltese counter parts were Dr Frank Fabri, Mr Stephen Cachia, Ms Maria McNamara, Ms Josephine Mifsud and Mr Manuel Grech.  Besides providing the venue for the actual meeting, the guests were given a tour of the new vocational labs and workshops.  They had the opportunity to watch students engaged mainly in hands on practical subjects.  The guests also had the opportunity to enjoy lunch prepared by our hospitality students under the guidance of the teachers of Hospitality Ms C Mifsud and Ms R Sammut together with Ms Y Gauci EO Hospitality, Ms M Gatt student teacher and chef (  )  Though for our students, this was the first time to prepare for such a great event, the result was exceptional and all guests had words of praise.  Whilst the students of Hospitality prepared the food and service, Media Literacy students supervised by Ms A Farrugia took pictures of the event. On the other hand IT students followed by Ms J Mallia prepared a hard copy of the menu.