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Talent Show 2022/23

The Talent Show was one of the major events organized by our school this year.  Here is a review from one of the student participants:

Hello, I am Jake Aquilina and I used to be a student of part of this amazing school, I’m here to spread a message on the school’s talent show. 

At first, I was nervous to join the Talent show because I thought I wouldn’t do so good, but at the end of it I must say it was an experience like no other. I had the help of some of the most amazing teacher’s and students and with all that support I not only managed to build on my Talent, but I also got to explore new talents about myself and got to learn a bunch of new things. 

People would tell me that the most important thing in any event is to have fun, and that’s exactly what I did. I had so much fun in taking part with the talent show and I even got the chance to meet new people and have the most amazing time ever. 

And on top of everything I learnt to build my confidence on the stage, I first used to be shy and scared that I would mess up, and by the end of this experience managed to build my confidence and learn that mistakes happen and that there is always a way to fix them. 

Overall, I really loved this experience of taking part in the talent show. I learnt a lot, met new people, and most of all I had the best time of my life. If you are reading this, I fully recommend you give the talent show a try and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two, or even get to know yourselves better, and for some people, this could also be a first step to a future career.