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The Reopening of Schools

The Reopening of Schools

Question and Answer

Q Will schools be reopened?

Yes, schools are opening again.

Q How and when will Secondary Schools reopen?

A  As from Monday 12th April 2021, Secondary Schools will resume online lessons until Thursday 15th April 2021 and they will reopen physically on Friday 16th April 2021.

Q As a Secondary School student, what is expected of me?

A   You should join your online groups for lessons as from Monday 12th until Thursday 15th April 2021 and start attending school as from Friday 16th April 2021.

Q Will free school transport be offered as from the first day of school reopening?

A   Yes, free school transport will resume normally as offered prior to the school closure of March 2021.

Q How and when will post-secondary and tertiary institutions reopen?

A   These institutions will resume online lessons except for practical lessons that may be required. These will be held at school in full observance of precautionary measures.

Q Will school exams be held?

A   With schools open, exams will be held as planned, in full observance of all health-related measures.

Q How will Year 11 exams resume?

  The Year 11 exams referred to as “mocks” will resume in the same order as the previously

published schedule, with different dates.

Q What will change in the mock exams timetable?

A  Only the dates will change.

Q When will mock exams resume?

A   These will resume as from Monday 19th April 2021.

Q Are we going to receive a new timetable for the mock exams?

A   Yes, you will receive a new one.

Q Are MATSEC examinations going be held?

A   With the schools open, MATSEC examinations will be held according to the published timetables in full observance of necessary measures.

Q What will Virtual School students be doing?

A   Primary, Middle and Secondary Virtual schools will resume with lessons on Monday 12th April 2021.

Q Will the Virtual Schools be following the same timetable?

A Yes, online learning in the Virtual School will continue to follow the existing timetables.

Q How will the Learning Support Centres operate?

A As from Monday, online lessons will resume for all Secondary Learning Support Centre students. Students in Yeas 7 and 8 will then start attending school on Wednesday 14th April whilst those in Year 9, 10 or 11 will start attending on Friday 16th April 2021.

Q How safe are schools?

A   All the measures that have been successfully implemented as from the beginning of the scholastic year will continue to be strictly observed. These include distancing, staggered break times, limiting bubbles, frequent hand sanitisation, temperature checks of all those who enter the school, etc.

Q Should I attend school to earn?

A   All those in schools are observing all precautions in a responsible manner. Schools are open every day for all students. At school we learn the different subjects and we educate each other together. These are all important and there is no other place like school for them.