Dinja Waħda – St Nicholas College Senior School Dingli … Still in Progress


Dingli Secondary School
Still in Progress

Dinja Waħda

Ms Kathleen Galea, teacher of English has been teaching in our school for the past couple of years.  Her love for nature is remarkable.  She is in fact, our School’s Dinja Waħda Coordinator.  Ms Kathleen’s passion is teaching English through nature – an incredible and creative way of engaging students in her lessons while simultaneously making them aware and appreciative of the nature surrounding our school.  Saving and caring for our planet requires team work and each one of us can offer so much with just one small good deed.  DINJA  WAĦDA mid-day break clubs and Ms Kathleen’s lessons would definitely help save our planet if you would also take part – whether you are a teacher, parent or student, and no matter how small your participation is, keep in mind that all the little efforts would eventually  end up in a much bigger result!

Discussing the Way Forward

Our school is doing Dinja Waħda, BirdLife’s educational programme that connects children with nature to trigger behavioural changes that lead to sustainable lifestyles. The students this year actively taking part in Dinja Waħda are carrying out English lessons through regular experience with nature. Together with their teacher, they are planning to create a garden for biodiversity and for people on the school grounds. The Dinja Waħda Garden project will help them:

  • Increase attainment in academic subjects.
  • Impact the health and well-being of the school and community
  • Develop as responsible citizens and lifelong appreciation for the natural world
  • Improve social and communication skills

The students are pictured during a planning lesson, during critical thinking to decide on what plants and other features to include and where to put them.