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Basic rules for a safer Back to School

Dear Parents and students,
Hope you are all in good health.
We have been missing students for these last months  but now it is time to start preparing to return to school.  However we have to do this in as safe a way as possible.
Please see attachment above with simple suggestions and rules how best to return to school in a way that is safe to yourselves and to other students.
Personal Sanitizing Pack
Each and every student must carry with him/her a personal sanitizing pack consisting of:
Sanitizing gel or liquid
Sanitizing wipes
Extra face masks
Extra tissues
No one will be permitted to borrow any of these items from other students.
Face masks must be worn all day long while social distancing is to be observed as much as possible.  Each and every student is expected to cooperate.
Students must be very careful to avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. doors and windows will left open all the time. Parents will be instructed regarding the color coding of face masks.
Students will be instructed in which direction they will be moving when using corridors and stairs so that social distancing is enhanced. Direction arrows will be put in place.
Students of Years 10 and 11 are expected to prepare all their textbooks as these still have to be returned.  Do not bring textbooks on the first day.  Librarians will inform all students when to return textbooks.
Regards to all and stay safe.