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Important notice regarding changes to iLearn login

In December, Fronter will be discontinued.


To access your services, that include Email, MySchool, Teams, OneDrive, Provision Map, Literacy Pro, etc., you will need to start using the Microsoft authentication instead of the Fronter authentication.

Make sure that by the 10th December you have accessed myapps.microsoft.com and provide a personal email and/or mobile number, if requested, so as to enable the self-service password reset.

Follow these steps to make sure your Microsoft account is set properly


  1. Go to myapps.microsoft.com, write your iLearn email address and click Next.

  1. Click on Work or school account.

  1. Enter your Username and Password and click Log in

  1. Click Yes

  1. This is displayed if your Microsoft account does not yet have a personal email or mobile number. Click Next
  1. DO NOT press Cancel. Click the second Set it up now highlighted in Yellow below to add a Mobile Phone number.

  1. To add the Phone number choose Malta (+356), type the mobile number and click text me.

  1. Enter the code you receive on your Mobile Phone and click Next.

  1. Click Done.

  1. Click the third Set it up now to add a personal email address.w+B0sE5Nhg8zgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

  1. Enter your personal email address and click on email me to receive the code in your mailbox. Enter the code to verify your email.

  1. You can now access your services through this page.

  1. In a few days’ time you will not be able to access Fronter anymore. Instead, when you type ilearn.edu.mt you will be redirected to the page above.